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Capitalizing a small business can be difficult for many. At BusinessFinancingHub, we simplify the small business lending process for all business owners the best way we know how. We do this by focusing on helping business owners obtain the type of small business lending solution that we know the most about— credit card financing.

Via our website, we educate business owners on the best personal credit cards and business credit cards that are available. We tell you which features and benefits come with each card so you can compare them. Knowing the features and benefits of each will enable you to determine which one will meet your unique business needs. We also tell you what personal credit criteria you need to meet to get approved for this type of capital solution.

When you know which one will work best for you, you can get started with confidence in knowing that you have a good chance of getting approved. When you’re confident you’re ready to get started, you can do so online via our website. We hold your hand during the entire small business lending process by equipping you with the information you need to make the best decision and providing the platform you need to get started.


How We Differ from Other Small Business Lending Solution Sites

BusinessFinancingHub is designed, first, to educate small business owners on everything there is to know about a specific type of small business capital. And second, to help small business owners obtain that specific type of small business capital. Our niche is business credit card financing services for small businesses. We are experts in this area of small business capital. The information we provide to you can help you get the maximum amount of business capital you will qualify for from a financial institution.

Other sites often offer many different types of small business lending solution services. They are not always experts in one area, nor do they equip you with the information you need to obtain the type of business capital we specialize in, on your own. They give you just enough information so that you will hire them to do it for you. However, BusinessFinancingHub tells you all of the information you need to know so that you can do it yourself.


What Makes BusinessFinancingHub the Best Small Business Lending Solution Site?

BusinessFinancingHub is an online “do-it-yourself” platform for small business owners who want to apply for business credit card financing online. We eliminate the need of having to consult with someone in person or over the telephone to learn how to do it. While consulting with an expert via the phone (or in person) is a great idea, all business owners can benefit from learning how to find the best cards to fund their business and get started on their own. When you request business capital via BusinessFinancingHub, you can get the money you need almost immediately. Most of the card issuers that we teach you about allow you to apply online and get an instant approval. You could have capital for your business almost immediately after submitting your request. This is what makes BusinessFinancingHub the best small business lending solution service online.


Why You Should Obtain Credit to Fund Your Small Business

In our experience, credit is the easiest type of capital you can obtain as a startup or established small business owner. The key to getting approved for this type of business capital is to meet the personal credit criteria required by the card issuers. Another major benefit of card financing is cash back credit card rewards. These rewards enable you to earn back a percentage of the funds you spend using the card. For example, if you purchase airfare with your card, a card issuer may refund you a percentage of your total airfare expense just for using the card to purchase the airfare.

Cash back credit card rewards is just one way you can earn back what you spend using the card. You can also get statement credits after purchases are made. Statement credits can lower your overall card bill. These types of benefits are not available with other types of small business capital. This is why we believe that this is the best business lending solution for small business owners.


The Difference Between Credit Cards and Other types of Small Business Capital

Again, one of the major pros of a card is the ease in which you can obtain them. Most card issuers will review your personal credit history to determine your approval. In some cases they may also ask you to prove your income by supplying them with w-2’s, check stubs and/or personal tax returns. This means you can get approved for a card without having to provide lenders with extensive documentation regarding your personal or business financial situation. Cards can also be unsecured in most cases. Therefore you aren’t required to pledge any of your assets as collateral to get approved.

Other commercial lending programs may require you to meet more criteria to get approved for a small business loan or line of credit. They may check your personal and business credit history and ask to see extensive documentation such as a business plan, personal and/or business tax returns, business banking statements, and/or profit and loss statements, etc. If your business is a startup, you likely won’t qualify for a small business loan or line of credit via their lending service. If that happens, credit cards could be the only business capital you will qualify for at this time.


Get Started Now – Start Learning About & Comparing the Best Cards

Our business lending solution services for small business owners may be what’s right for you. If you want to learn about the best cards available to capitalize your small business, BusinessFinancingHub can help. Click here to start comparing and submitting applications today. You could have up to $50,000 (or much more) to meet your cash flow and business demand needs in the next few hours. Apply for instant small business financing now!