Best Credit Cards for Businesses

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March 20, 2014
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March 25, 2014

Business credit card providers are aplenty in number, and all of them offer a number of different products. So which of these are suited for which purpose? And which can be regarded as the best business credit cards in their category. Let us evaluate in detail.

Chase Ink Plus for Rewards

So you fancy the reward program which business credit card providers offer? Why do you not opt for the Chase Ink Plus business credit card. For us, this is the best credit card that exists in this category.  Chase business credit card offers a rewards program that is really good and lets your redeem for promotional products, travel and even cash back bonuses. As for points, you can accumulate them really first; for every dollar that you spend, you get 5 points if it is for office supplies, internet or phone bills. For other expenses, you get a point for every one dollar spent.

Chase requires you to pay $95 as service fee annually, but that is only after you have used the card for a years.  And if your purchases exceed beyond $5,000 in the first month, you will be awarded 50,000 points as bonus. Yes, you will easily be able to redeem than for anything that is on offer.

Capital One Spark Classic Card for Building Credit

Do you not have an enough credit line for your business? No problem, Capital One business credit card can help you build it. Sign up for this card, and you will quickly achieve your purpose. You can get a credit line increase in just 90 days if you use your card during this period, do not exceed the maximum spendable amount limit and make timely payments. What else do we like about this card? For every purchase that you make, you are rewarded with a 1% cash bonus. Yes, this extra cash is going to do you good in times of needs.

Capital One does not charge any service fee for this card, but there is no sign up bonus as well.

Starwood Preferred Guest Business Credit Card for Travel

Okay, so you travel a lot. Which card will fit your needs now? The Starwood Preferred Guest Business Credit Card is it. This card is affiliated with many hotels and you can enjoy discounts if you spend nights there. The list includes Sheraton, St Regis and Westin. You can even trade your points for the flights. Starwood provides you with two points for every dollar when you book at one of their affiliated hotels. On all other purchases, you are awarded with just one point for every dollar spend.

As for the service fee, that is $65 annually and the first year of use is free.

Citi Diamond Preferred for Short Term Financing

If you want your credit card for short term financing, go for the Citi Diamond Preferred without giving it any second thoughts. The APR rate is zero for the first 18 months, and so you will have to pay no interest throughout this period.

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