Credit Cards: Different Reward Types

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January 25, 2013
How to Qualify For an Unsecured Credit Card with Bad Credit?
February 6, 2013

People usually choose a credit card that suits their lifestyle, for example, some people use their credit card for just about anything, from making every purchase to filling gas and even paying for vacations. While choosing a card, always go for the credit card which is based on the amount you are charged for a year. If you use your credit card and are successful in paying it off every month, you will be able to maximize your rebate and then switch to another cash reward card.

Looking for a card that pays the highest rebates should be the choice of people who use their credit cards sparingly. If the consumer finds that they have not earned a reward after a couple of years then the card may not be a suitable choice. In the case of a rewards card, the chances always exist that the program may end before the card holder has had a chance to redeem any points.

Selecting a credit card with no annual charges is the best way to avoid having to make heavy payments to cover the fees each year.

Airline rewards

Generally there are two kinds of airline rewards. The general airline rewards include airline miles that are awarded to the consumer based on good credit points. The other kind is one that is affiliated with certain airlines. The rewards that are not associated with certain airline carriers are considered best as they allow the consumer to cash in on any domestic airline.

While considering a credit card that offers airline rewards, the consumer should realize that they often come with high rates so even if the consumer has a good credit rate it can take years to actually qualify for an airline ticket. A recent survey showed that amongst American card users, the credit cards that offer airline miles are losing steam, with more than half of the card holders not bothering to use these rewards. These reward miles, if left unused for a period of over a year, can expire.

Cash-back rewards

Beating a cash back reward is difficult, considering the different perks it allows its consumers. The rebates on cash back rewards are issued at 1% and can be increased if the card holder redeems it, purchasing online or using gift cards of their affiliates.

Though the cash back credit cards seem like easy money for the consumer, in both ways the credit card companies always win even if the consumer isn’t charged for late payment fees or interest. The card issuers are compensated by the vendors who have to pay a fee on each swipe of the card.