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February 26, 2018
Business Financing Hub - Small Business Loans for Auto Repair Shop
How Auto Repair Shops Stay Afloat with Small Business Loans
There are numerous reasons your auto repair shop could be in need of a small business loan. Like with any business, auto repair shops fluctuate in traffic and sales. They...
February 22, 2018
Business Financing Hub - What Can Someone do with the Last 4 Digits of your Social Security Number?
Social Security Numbers: Why the Last Four Digits are Precious
Reciting the last four digits of your social security number has become customary. It’s almost automatic as many businesses request it to verify identity (in person and by phone). Something...
January 9, 2018
The 3 C’s of Credit – Character, Capacity and Capital
A credit score is the primary calculable determinant of credit worthiness. It is a comprehensive measure of elements that reveals one’s ability to: a) repay debt, or b) to manage available credit. The...
December 20, 2017
american express working capital
American Express Working Capital: How Your Small Business Can Benefit
Thanks to American Express working capital, small businesses now have a convenient way to get inventory while maintaining cash flow. This financial product makes it easier to stay in the red. The...
May 19, 2017
credit cards 101
How to Build Good Credit to Qualify for a Business Credit Card (Infographic)
At Business Financing Hub, we offer convenient tools to help you compare tons of different business credit cards to help you fund your small business. Before you start searching for...
April 7, 2017
Wells Fargo Cash Wise Visa® Card
Why You Should Use a Business Credit Card to Fund Your Startup
Do you own a startup company? Are you looking for ways to fund it? A business credit card just might be the ideal solution. Check out our infographic below highlights...