How to Make the Alaska Air Business Credit Card Work for You

Credit cards in general, are designed as ‘profit centers’ for banks. If you remove all the hoopla, and the innovative perks offered, you’d discover that each credit card essentially works the same. The prudent credit user simply selects the rewards card that earns perks to meet their specific needs.

In retrospect, one considers the amount of credit cards available, it’s simple to see why creditors realized that in order to remain competitive they needed to deliver additional, appealing benefits to attract new consumers and businesses — just for choosing their card!

When the marketing concept of ‘credit card rewards’ hit the market, it spread like wildfire. In fact, the current myriad of perk-friendly credit cards is the direct result of creditors vying for a marketplace position while applying this effectual techniqueSome credit cards offer cash-back rewards, still others set up special internal accounts where mileage points accumulate over time. Some creditors combine the two versions to create an even more unique rewards program that they can promote.

The Alaska Airlines Business Credit Card, offered by Bank of America, is no different. And for anyone paying attention, Alaska Airline’s claim to credit card fame is their generous mileage program and companion airfares. Who wouldn’t accept an annual discounted companion airfare each year?

Introducing the Alaska Air Business Credit Card

The Alaska Airline Business Credit Card offers rewards to those who fly with Alaska Airlines and Virgin America on a frequent and regular basis.

The Alaska Airlines mileage program differs from other run-of-the-mill travel programs, as they’ve partnered with other airlines across the globe.  Alaska Air credit cardholders are given the opportunity to reap earned rewards from the following partner airlines:



The Alaska Air Business Credit Card – The Nitty-Gritty

The Alaska Airlines Business Credit Card is a classic travel-credit card. For each dollar spent directly on either Alaska Airlines or Virgin America, the cardholder receives 3 earned miles. For all other purchases, the cardholder earns 1 mile. And, there is no limit as to the number of miles a cardholder can stockpile annually. Each time you access the Mileage Plan account; you extend the life of unused miles automatically. In other words, if you use the card once per month, you mileage will last indefinitely

This business travel-card welcomes you with some generous bonuses. If you open an Alaska Air Business Credit Card and spend a minimum of $1,000 before the end of the first 90 days, you will have met the requirements to earn 30,000 bonus miles. The bonus is valued at approximately $450. Of course, the exact value of this benefit will depend upon how you choose to redeem the miles. But, clearly this bonus neutralizes any concerns you may have the $50 annual fee.

The Alaska Air Business Credit Card keeps the perks coming by providing the cardholder a Companion Fare when you have earned the 30,000-awarded miles. The companion fare must be used when a cardholder books their airline ticket. Cardholders (and a maximum of 6 others traveling on the same reservation) also receive a free checked-piece of luggage.

These upfront benefits are worth hundreds of dollars, if used with financial finesse.  Additional benefits include ticket replacements for emergencies, accident  and auto rental insurance while traveling and even a replacement for luggage lost.

And, every 12 months, on the anniversary of your account opening, the cardholder receives a discounted companion ticket.  Companions receive a ticket with the same itinerary as the cardholder for $99 plus tax. This companion ticket applies to any destination that Alaska Airline and Virgin America covers.

To boot, the Alaska Air credit card has no Foreign Transaction Fees. Some creditors charge up to three percent for every foreign transaction, which adds up quickly. International travelers will appreciate this perk the most.

The Alaska Air Mileage Plan™ – Redeeming Miles

The Alaska Business Air Credit Card miles are available for redemption on Alaska Airlines, Virgin America and the other 17 global partners, noted above. Together, these airlines service more than 900 destinations worldwide.

Alaska Airlines flies to various destinations across the continental U.S., Mexico, Hawaii, and the Caribbean. The most valuable way to use Alaska Air miles, however, is to apply them to international flights. It is noted though that the mileage accumulated for domestic travel is quite beneficial also.

How to Maximize Mile Redemption

Alaska Air’s Mileage Plan is unique. Unlike most other travel credit cards, the Alaska Air Business Credit Card permits travelers to book a free stopover for each one-way ticket. This is an amazing opportunity to maximize your Alaska Air miles by visiting two different places for the cost of one airfare. There are two caveats though; the stopover must be longer than a 24-hour stay, and the traveler is not permitted to mix more than a single airline partner, when flying Alaska Airlines.

Here is an example that will clarify Alaska’s ‘stopover’ offer:

John wants to book an award flight to travel to the island of Japan. First, he can connect to Los Angeles or San Francisco from any city Alaska Air serves.  From there, John can redeem miles for a Tokyo destination with Alaska Air’s airline partner, Japan Airlines. The ‘stopover benefit’ can be used to fly to Osaka for a few days, without additional fees.

Alaska Air Business Credit Card – The Wrap-Up

It is hard to argue the reality that Alaska Air Business Credit Card’s perks are anything but generous. However, the card’s true value is based on the cardholder’s ability to travel frequently enough, on either Alaska Air or Virgin America. This will determine if the cardholder is in a position to take advantage of some remarkable rewards.

The bonuses are substantial with only minimal eligibility requirements. The card’s continuing benefits provide savings for cardholders on discounted companion fares (issued annually), luggage fees (including the replacement of luggage), travel-accident insurance, fraud monitoring, auto rental insurance and emergency replacement tickets.

The Alaska Airlines’ business credit card is a great tool for international travelers too. There are no Foreign Transaction Fees, which could potentially cost three percent per transaction, and these fees add up quickly.

In truth, the Alaska Air Business Credit Card is a smart choice for those in a position to reap the generous rewards. That is the beauty of a credit card marketplace with countless options; businesses have a multitude of credit card offerings from which to choose. Get started, choose smartly and enjoy the perks you earn along the way!