Bonus Credit Cards

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Human nature is a strange thing. We are reluctant to accept the fines and responsibilities associated with things but expect rewards simply for paying according to the rules. This is exactly the logic followed by rewards credit cards. If you are punctual with your payments and have a reliable history you may be eligible for some excellent rewards cards which will not only start rewarding you at the time of sign up but also on every purchase.

The trick is to know which kind of credit card will be best suited to your spending habits. Maybe you travel a lot and can benefit from a lot of flier miles or spend most of your budget on grocery shopping and can benefit from points. There are many kinds of rewards cards available today.

Which type of bonus credit card is right for me?

Airline Miles Cards

These rewards cards award you with flier miles on every ticket purchase. Once you’ve accumulated enough miles, you may be able to travel to some place free. This card however is perfect for those who are already frequent travelers and have the ability to gain the miles in the first place. A travel rewards card is one of the most popular rewards card even though it has a high interest rate. This is because of the potential of earning back on your purchases. Since not only can you redeem quite enough on flier miles but also on other points which can be redeemed at partnered stores.

If you are an infrequent traveler you should look into other options for rewards cards since you will not be able to realize the full potential of the card.

Gas Rewards Card

With gas prices hitting the roof, this seems to be the most important rewards card nowadays. Gas rebates may range between 3% and 5% on every purchase made on the credit card. This is perfect for those who have to commute to and from work or travel long distances. If your lifestyle contains a lot of driving, consider a gas rewards card. These cards are not for individuals who commute through public transport or have fuel-efficient or smart vehicles.

Balance Transfer Cards

Balance Transfer credit cards have become popular especially under the crippling debt being faced by many individuals in America. People are always looking for ways in which they can be helped to pay off their bills in full. Balance transfer cards offer a 0% APR at least within the first six months. This duration can go up to 18 months in some cases. The low APR rates, at least in the introductory period are incentive enough to get the card of you have accumulated a large amount of debt. Once the introductory period has run out, the cards revert to their actual APR rates which are the same as any other credit card. These cards also allow you to consolidate your debt which means that they can help you if you have multiple lines of credit.

Cash Back

These cash back bonus cards do just as their name suggests. They return a certain amount of cash on purchases made. Once the cash back amount reaches about $50, they are either wired to your account or can be redeemed at a particular partnered store that the credit card company may be affiliated with.