Cash Back Credit Cards

Compare Top Cash Back Credit Cards

Reward cards are ideal for big spenders who more often than not swipe their credit cards to make purchases. If you also are a big spender and you give preference to plastic money over cash, then it’s best to apply for a card that awards you on credit purchases.

Cash back rewards card is one good option. This card offers you cash rebates if you manage to earn a certain amount of points as stated by the credit card issuing company. The cash back rewards range between 1% and 5%. This percentage varies from card issuers.

Here are some reward cards that you can choose from and apply for:

The idea of earning rewards on purchases made on credit cards has spellbound cardholders across the globe. Rewards Credit Cards, with their unique deal, have now become the most sought after credit cards by both new cardholders and the ones who have been using plastic money for years.

Types of Rewards Credit Cards

Looking at the outstanding popularity of reward cards, credit card companies are now dishing out some exotic and appealing rewards to cardholders. There are rewards that match every taste. These include the following:

Cash Back Reward

On earning the stated amount of points on your reward card, you can earn cash back rewards. This is alluring especially for those who like to make big purchases on their rewards card. The cash back is delivered to you by the card issuer by two means, either through mail or it is deposited in your savings account.

Discount Rewards

On some reward cards, you can earn discount rewards on future purchases. Many big spenders, who regularly swipe their cards, usually seek for discount reward cards.

Travel Rewards

People, who travel frequently to different destinations either for business purposes or just for holidays, prefer to get travel rewards card. This card helps you earn travel rewards and fly to your favorite destination with ease.

Gift Cards and Merchandise

Some credit cards offer rewards on cards in the shape of free merchandise and gift cards. If you love to dine out with friends and family, you can choose a reward card that offers restaurant gift cards. Besides restaurant gift cards, credit card companies also offer retailer gift cards and exciting merchandise too.

How Do Rewards Cards Work?

Since there is an extensive variety of reward cards available, you should choose and apply for a reward card that suits your needs and lifestyle best.  This means, if you don’t travel frequently, then a travel card is useless for you; therefore you should apply for cash or a discount card.

Also, it’s important to note, you cannot exchange the points earned for other rewards. For example, if you have a gas rewards card and you wish to travel by air, you cannot exchange gas rewards with air miles.

Another thing that you should find out before you get your desired rewards card is whether there is any redemption fee on reward points earned. This is important to learn because some credit card issuers may charge you for redeeming your rewards point. This usually happens when the rewards are shipped from other countries.

So, look for a card that can earn you something that suits your lifestyle, needs and the card that you can benefit from the most.