9 Reasons You Should Apply for the JetBlue Credit Card

JetBlue Credit Card


By now, every frequent flier, especially in business class, knows that most airlines offer rewards for loyalty and for regular patronage. There are a lot of interesting programs out there. But one airline appears to be making the most out of their rewards program, and that’s JetBlue. The JetBlue Credit Card offers many compelling benefits that can be pretty hard to find in one package, especially with a major airline. If you’re a business person flying for professional reasons, this is a great way to boost the value of the investments that you’re making in air travel. Here are the top reasons why we strongly recommend the JetBlue credit card– (scroll down to read more)

Annual Percentage Rate (APR) for Purchases 12.74%, 20.74%, or 25.74% based on your creditworthiness.

This APR will vary with the market based on the Prime Rate.

APR for Balance Transfers 0% introductory APR for the first twelve billing cycles following each balance transfer that posts to your account within 45 days of account opening.
After that (and for balance transfers that do not post within 45 days of account opening) your APR will be 12.74%, 20.74%, or 25.74% based on your creditworthiness. This APR will vary with the market based on the Prime Rate.
APR for Cash Advances 25.99%

This APR will vary with the market based on the Prime Rate.

Annual Fee $0
Balance Transfer Fee Either $5 or 3% of the amount of each transfer, whichever is greater.


The JetBlue Credit Card Can Help Boost Your Credit Score Fast

First thing’s first. The best thing about the JetBlue credit card is that it reports to the credit bureaus quickly. It will appear on your credit report within 24 to 48 hours after you activate the card. It also has a better than average approval percentage rate, and credit limits. That means, in addition to the huge benefits you’re about to learn of, you’ll be raising your credit score- which, we don’t have to tell you, is great for business.


The JetBlue Credit Card Sign Up Bonus

Most rewards programs have a sign-up bonus, that’s basically the point of a rewards programs. But compared to other airlines, JetBlue’s is relatively unique and customers who use it regularly have a lot to gain. The card allows you to earn as much as 30,000 bonus points in the first 90 days after spending $1,000 on purchases. Objectively speaking, the bonus is worth between $300 and $420. That easily covers the annual $99 fee.


The JetBlue Credit Card Offers a 10% Points Rebate

Another great benefit you get with the card is a consistent 10% return on your points. Most people assume that the 10% points rebate is like the similar offer you get on other airlines which is only a rebate on 10% of the miles you travel. While it is somewhat similar on the surface, the overall rebate really comes out to about 11% for frequent fliers due to the fact that it is unlimited. The way JetBlue raises their points rewards system above the competition is simple. They give you more points, raising the average redemption value of 1.33 to 1.48. That may not seem like much, but if you’re a frequent flier it will most definitely add up to some very meaningful benefits.


The JetBlue Credit Card Offers a Free Luggage Check

The luggage check is one major sticking point for most airlines. If you peruse the review threads for just about any airline, you’ll find that customers remain fairly cordial until it comes to remarking on the luggage check. The fact is, no matter who you travel with, there’s a lot that can go wrong from point A to point B- and luggage cannot speak for itself. JetBlue, rather than trying to gloss over this, simply offers a free luggage check. That way, in the unlikely event that your luggage takes a wrong turn- you don’t get the extra aggravation of having to pay for the privilege having to wait for it to be mailed to you. That’s an extra step, and an extra expense removed. Don’t forget that you need to buy your ticket using your JetBlue Plus card in order to get the benefits.


The JetBlue Credit Card Bonus Points on Purchases

When you become a JetBlue Plus card member, you will receive 6 times the amount of points on all JetBlue flights. That adds up to a 6% return on all purchases made during your flight. Of course, with your with your 10% rebate on points, it really adds up to an 8.4% return on all of your in-flight purchases. We don’t know why JetBlue doesn’t advertise these kinds of things up front. Maybe they just like people to be pleasantly surprised. Either way, you cut it, it’s a tremendous bonus- especially if you regularly fly from coast to coast. The average rewards for most major credit cards range from 4.2% to 5.7%. That’s a big difference!


The JetBlue Credit Card Anniversary Bonus

You celebrate the birthdays of the important people in your life, and you’ll want to celebrate your JetBlue Plus card’s birthday as well. Because each year when you renew your membership, you will get an additional 5,000 TrueBlue reward points. If you carefully select your redemptions, that could add up to as much as $70. That covers about 71% of your renewal fee right off the bat. The company could have made it simpler by setting the annual renewal fee at $29, but we think the other airlines would think they were in the middle of some kind of scorched earth price war. JetBlue lets the competition save face with a bit of flair in this instance.


The JetBlue Credit Card Offers a 50% In-Flight Purchase Discount

If you’re a regular long distance flier, whether it’s for business, pleasure, or leisure, those in-flight purchases can really put a dent in your travel budget if you’re not careful. JetBlue doesn’t want this to be a major deterrent. So they give cardholders a 50% discount on all of their in-flight purchases. That kind of discount is virtually unheard of with any credit card or rewards system. We understand that it might seem incredible, so here are a few examples to make the idea a bit more concrete;

In-Flight Movies: Normally $5 – Plus Card Price- $2.50

Alcoholic Beverages: Normally $6 – Plus Card Price- $3

In-Flight Meals: Normally $7 – Plus Card price- $3.50

The typical in-flight discount you can get from the other airlines averages around 20%. That’s no competition at all.

Those are some pretty steep discounts, especially if you a regular business flier- in which case, you simply cannot afford to pass up the JetBlue Plus credit card. If you find yourself traveling from New York to L.A. and back even once or twice a year- this will make a big difference in your travel expenses. Frankly, some of these discounts are so steep, we can’t understand why more people don’t know about them. Maybe JetBlue just doesn’t want the other airlines to feel outclassed.


Other JetBlue Credit Card Extras

Of course, if JetBlue wasn’t a great airline with competitive quality and service, then all of these benefits might qualify as some kind of a bribe. Alas, there’s plenty to enjoy on JetBlue- even if you’re not a Plus card member.


JetBlue Credit Card Mint Service

JetBlue’s mint service is an elevated class flight experience that pampers fliers with their own mini in-flight suite. You get free wifi that’s fast and reliable, great food and drink, and friendly service. It’s a comfortable and spacious way to experience air travel and the JetBlue Plus credit card makes it easy.

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