Rewards Credit Cards

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When it comes to business reward credit cards, many businesses have no idea what their options are. Statistics indicate that as many as 65 percent of businesses use credit cards on a regular basis for purchases, payroll and expenses. Any business using credit cards could be earning a substantial amount of rewards for doing so.

Business Credit Card Rewards

Just as consumers can tap into credit card rewards, so can businesses. Though most business credit cards used to contain very little, if any, real rewards, today’s small to large business can capitalize on significant savings. Various methods exist for earning these rewards as well as what you get, too.

  • Take advantage of airline miles. Earn miles whenever you book a flight eventually to earn free flights for your employees. Often, these cards also come with nice benefits, such as club access and free upgrades to first class.
  • Cash back credit cards are available, too. Earn bonus rewards for specific purchases or between one and five percent cash back on other purchases.
  • Earn discounts and rewards on purchases including car rentals, specific merchant savings and more.

Business travel cards are the best possible option for businesses that travel frequently. Additionally, these cards often come with sizable discounts on rental cars and hotel accommodations. Use them for clients coming into town that you want to impress or to pay for your employees to travel.

Maximizing Business Rewards

While having access to travel and cash back rewards is a good first step, it is not the only thing to consider. Rather, businesses need to take steps to maximize the amount of rewards earned each month. There are some simple methods for accomplishing just that.

  1. Use rewards credit cards for all business expenses throughout the course of the month. This simplifies accounting and ensures that everything from the utility bills to the payroll expenses are earning rewards for the business.
  2. Provide linked credit cards to associates and employees who need expense accounts. They can earn rewards for you at the same time.
  3. Find out which merchants and services the rewards credit card is focusing on for that month (if you have a rotating rewards program offer.) Maximize use of those features, such as for office supply purchases.
  4. Use travel credit cards wisely. Use them to book the airline tickets, rental care and hotel accommodations at affiliated providers (linked to the credit card company) to get bigger rewards and offers. This may give you bigger rewards.
  5. Earn cash back on gas purchases for you and for your team. As a perk for your employees, provide free gas to and from work related functions, charge it to your rewards credit card and maximize how much you earn back each month.

Perhaps the most important tip for small businesses who are using rewards credit cards is to pay off the full balance each month during the grace period. That way, you are not paying finance charges on any of these purchases but you are earning rewards for them. It is easy to get something for nothing.